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at&t 3g

  1. drewawilliams

    drewawilliams Active Member

    so, maybe someone can help me understand something..
    according to the Tmobile website, the Cliq has these freqs:
    850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz
    and at&t uses these same ones for their 3g plus 2100.. why cant we get att3g on the cliq?

  2. clevetbs

    clevetbs Active Member

    Tmobile 3g network is 1700 wcdma band att uses 2100 wcdma band that is why it will not work not the same frequency. edge will work because they are the same on both carriers
  3. Jorge22f

    Jorge22f Member

    You'll still get EDGE but not 3G I know if you change the apn settings you can use mms also

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