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[AT&T] a little root/flashing knowledge?

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  1. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    I've recently rooted and unlocked my bootloader, downloaded a few little root apps on the play store.. now that my adrenaline and nerves have settled down after modding my baby, (my wife calls my one x my mistress haha), what else can I do? I'm dying to dip my toes in the custom Rom pool.. main question is, are there any tutorials that is aimed specifically towards at&t One X about flashing recoveries and roms? I've spent hours online looking, but it seems most tutorials are usually dealing with a specific phone... And the one X doesn't seem to be showing up for me? Can a more knowledgeable person throw me a link to the information?

    And also, I've hacked different phones over the years, never an android... What percentage of people actually render their device useless? Is this a major threat?

  2. Casanunda

    Casanunda Well-Known Member

    I'd have a read here if I were you :)
  3. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    Ok I haven't been making much progress, as I've been busy... Still doing a lot of research and reading on flashing Roms, etc... One more question, I downloaded ROM manager, and as I'm looking through it, it gives me the option to flash/install clockwork recovery through the app itself... Is this safe? A good or bad way to do this? And will I have to connect it to my compuer to finish it? I'm out of town right now and I don't want it stuck until I can connect it. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!
  4. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    Y'all don't have to all answer at once! I helped my self out.... Found the file to run and have it pushed to my phone via USB.. super simple. Now on to researching the actual flashing and recovery steps lol. One day... Cleanrom WILL be on my phone!

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