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AT&T Address Book sync?Support

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  1. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

    Does the Inspire have the ability to sync with my AT&T Address Book. I dont see an option like in my previous phone under accounts or in the contacts. I need to pull all my contacts into the Inspire.

  2. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    You mean from your sim card?
  3. iskortch

    iskortch Well-Known Member

    No, not the SIM. AT&T Address Book is an online sync. It was on my Captivate, all I had to do was sync my phone.
  4. Jahmakan

    Jahmakan Well-Known Member

    At&t Address Book is not on the Inspire 4G. Don't know know if it available for d/l or anything though.
  5. SamsungCaptivated

    SamsungCaptivated Well-Known Member


    I too, moved from the Samsung Captivate to the HTC Inspire 4G. The Inspire does not sync to the AT&T address book as far as I can see. I turned on the bluetooth on the Captivate and the Inspire, turned the Captivates bluetooth to discover mode (make it visible to other devices) and used the transfer app built into Inspire to transfer all my contact info from Captivate to Inspire. It worked perfectly transferring all my contacts (237 contacts)
  6. bajanking

    bajanking Member

    What's stupid is they added the att address book synch to the Inspire in newest update and the phone doesn't qualify.

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