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  1. filmz

    filmz New Member

    hello. I have a problem. I am new to androids i got rid of my iphone 4s. So decided to one day Root my Android GS4. everything was okay until one day i decided to delete cache. The google store would not work. and someone told me to factory reset and delete the google account so i deleted the account and Factory Reset. while being rooted, lost my root. and now my phone does not work. I can't connect to wifi but it will display connections. I can't get signal which says no Sim. What should i do? im also thinking to send to the company at&t they said they will send me an other one and then when it gets here i have to ship mine.

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  2. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    Did you ever install a custom recovery? If so reinstall MDL modem. But I really doubt you do, since you didnt mention it, so you will probably need to odin back to stock.

    Here is the xda thread on it, be sure to read it and do exactly what it says


    after looking at it again, having unknown on IMEI is usually bad and unless you backed up your EFS, you may not be able to restore it. Samsung can fix it, but since you rooted you technically voided the warranty, but they dont always check. but the thing i cannot figure out is how you lost root after a factory reset. this does not remove root, so im not really sure but something doesnt add up
  3. filmz

    filmz New Member

    I happen to install the factory AT&T firmware with odin. it fixed everything, got my service back. thanks :) for the help. how may i install custom recovery? to make sure nothing ever goes wrong again

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