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[AT&T] CM10 Installation help?

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  1. randysavage

    randysavage New Member

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum and dont know much about these rooting methods. I have an AT&T SG3 running on the new 4.1.1 Android update (from android 4.0.4) but I'm trying to install Cyanogenmod10 after failing many times because of cwm wasnt installed or gapps.process. stopped working, installation aborted :confused: ect. I've given up but it would be cool if someone can tell me how you installed Cyanogenmod 10? :)

  2. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    it sounds like you're doing it correctly. i would suggest to redownload the CyanogenMod ZIP file. it could be corrupted, and when you're trying to install/flash it, there's an error that occurs.
  3. wado1

    wado1 Active Member

    You should download the Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit v7.0. I used that last week to root and flash CM10.1 on mine.

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