[AT&T] Disable Camera/Video sounds (shutter sound)

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  1. nesto1

    nesto1 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I was shocked to find out there was no native option to do this in the camera app.

    So after searching, I found this

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [MOD] Audio Tweaks (Including Silent Camera)

    You have to be rooted to do this.

    Using your favorite file explorer, go to system/media/audio/ui folder

    Locate these files:

    cam_start.ogg, cam_stop.ogg, camera_click.ogg, camera_click_short.ogg, shutter.ogg, shutter_multiple.ogg, and videorecord.ogg

    rename the files and change .ogg > .old

    After that you are done.

    If you are a flashoholic, then you will need to do this after each flash of a rom as the files are fixed.

    Takes ~1 min to do.

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  2. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Or, Turn the volume down before you open the camera app, Voila
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  3. TeritaM

    TeritaM Member

    I found it right in the camera settings. This is what you're talking about right?

  4. cc999

    cc999 Member

    Yes ATT has this option!

  5. nesto1

    nesto1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah looks like after the UCLG1 update the option was there again. If you are bone stock original rom, it is not.
  6. pinkiepotato

    pinkiepotato New Member

    I wish people would stop being such smart-asses and telling us to 'turn down the volume' or go to the settings, like they think they are some kind of genius and the rest of us plebs just hadn't thought of doing that. Thanks for the original post tip - my phone has no option to turn off the sounds and it makes no difference in silent mode so I will have to root it and do it this way. Now I know - cheers!
  7. suhas_das

    suhas_das New Member

    Hi All!
    I have successfully done the following in my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. Not checked in other Android phone models. You guys can give a try.

    How to Disable Camera Sound in Samsung Galaxy S2

    To use this method you need to create an empty file named local.prop and add a line ro.camera.sound.forced = 0 into it.
    You can do this in notepad from your computer and simply paste the code given below into it i.e
    ro.camera.sound.forced = 0
    Now you need to save the file as local.prop and please don't save it as local.prop.txt.
    Now simply transfer this file to your galaxy s2 phone to the location <phone>/data/.
    Simply reboot your phone put your phone on silent mode and now if you click a picture using your phone there will be no shutter sound to disturb you.
    To restore the sound simply delete the file and reboot your phone.
  8. Jeepmaster

    Jeepmaster Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nesto1. Your method is the best way for me.

    To all those that said turn your phone to silence. It works only if you remember to turn it to silence in the first place, and afterwards you have to turn your phone volume back up. Way too much hassle, just use Nesto1's method and be done with forever...or until next firmware update.

    Does not help if you're trying to take a quick pic of your dog doing something funny on his own...any sound will distract him and miss the chance.
  9. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    it also does not help that from carrier-to-carrier, changing the volume won't work either:


    AT&T versions have this setting within the Camera app (what i have), whereas Sprint versions do not have the setting AND changing the volume does not work. :confused:
  10. coangr

    coangr Well-Known Member

    :mad: method didn't seem to work for me. I still get the shutter sound while phone is on mute (using S2 as well). Thanks for the tip anyway!
  11. dragosmarcu

    dragosmarcu New Member

    hello, i have rooted my galaxy s2, changed the .ogg to .old, everything went well ...BUT! there is still the sound from the ''focus ready '' , you know...when the camera focuses and that ''green square'' appears ... how can i get rid of that too :( ?
  12. stingray69

    stingray69 New Member

    Hi All,

    Newbie here to the forum & to Android-based phones in general, but I'm a fast learner, lol. I will be rooting my new Sprint Galaxy S2 phone in the very near future, but for today I just wanted to mention that I stumbled across a Google Play app that silenced my annoying camera shutter sound on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sprint SPH-D710). I don't think the app advertises this as a "feature" as such, but it sure was a pleasant & welcome byproduct for me. :)

    The app is called KeepSafe - it is the free version you can download via Google Play. In any case - when you launch the app, you can use the camera button from within the application and it completely silences the shutter sound. Granted, it does not put your pictures into the Gallery, but there is a very easy transfer button to do so from within the application. I should note that if there is a downside to using this app to silence the camera sound, I noticed that you do not have access to all the zoom, & other camera settings that you would in "normal" camera mode. But for myself, I'm mostly "point & shoot" anyway, so not much of a trade-off for me personally. YMMV

    Hope this helps some who, like me, are not quite ready just yet to delve into rooting their new phone to try silence the pesky camera shutter sound. I will try the root approach soon, but wanted to mention this little app as well.

    More info on the KeepSafe application:

  13. wengchi

    wengchi New Member

    The one app which really helped me is 'Camspy', used it smoothly on both my S2 and S4. However, it does not silence the sound on my Nexus 5 but I guess nothing will work on Nexus 5 since it is enforced by phone to play a sound.
    I am still following up with the developers of Camspy on this because I love their app. You guys can try it out and probably put some pressure on its developers to find a hack for Nexus 5.. Please!
  14. wengchi

    wengchi New Member

  15. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I'd your n5 is rooted there should be an easily applicable method to turn off the sound without the use of an app.

    (That's a topic for the N5 forum though ;) )

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