[AT&T] Galaxy s4 no dial tone

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  1. cjhacks123

    cjhacks123 New Member

    Hey guys im looking for help. Im new to this forum so my bad for any rules I migjt be braking including posting in the wring place and what not.

    Anyways lets get to the point. My samsung galaxy s4 for at@t cannot make or accept calls. The problem came randomly, I did not do or perform anithing that could have caused this problem. I have 4.2 on it and it is rooted. When I call their is no dial tone which I think is the problem. Ive found that many people have this problem and ive tried alot of things already.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    There is no dial tone in cellphones.

    Unroot the phone and bring it into an AT&T store for assistance. It could be a problem with the phone's radio, but it could be something as simple as your SIM card going bad (they'll give you a new one for free) or your account being messed up (they'll reprovision it).
  3. cjhacks123

    cjhacks123 New Member

    I checked the receiver and it was working I dont know if those things connect. Is their a way to test the radio?

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