[AT&T] Gs4-at&t wifi sharing question- please help!

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  1. YGjenjen

    YGjenjen Member

    I'm thinking of getting a GS4 from at&t but I need to know if it supports Wifi-sharing (use as a wifi hotspot for other phones, tablets, laptops, etc) by using a 3GB/$30 per month at&t web plan. Because I've read that AT&T only lets you use wifi-sharing if you have a 5GB/$50. Please help me!!!

  2. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    You can root and install a 3rd party wifi tethering app or a rom with hotspot bypass mod baked in. You might have to change your user agent too depending on device you're tethering to. Problem is 3 or 5 gigs isn't nearly enough you will run out before you even know it.
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  3. YGjenjen

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