[AT&T] HELP! My HTC One X won't start. "QHSUSB_DLOAD"

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  1. pawelstefanov

    pawelstefanov New Member

    Hello, im new here. So here is my problem.
    I bought an HTC One X AT&T and it wont turn on. The phone had some AT&T applications and i wanted to remove them, so i installed a non-AT&T software and my phone gone off. From my pc show QHSUSB_DLOAD. Please help me. Thank in advance!

  2. scotty85

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  3. ravendies

    ravendies New Member

    This same thing happened to me.
    It was my first time trying a custom rom and I did not realize it was for the international One X.

    I tried ever method I could find on the web. None of them worked.
    I just kept trying to power on my phone while holding the volume down button and eventually it started into boot loader and I was able to use twrp to restore my last nandroid backup.

    Hope this helps

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