[AT&T] Help! Sofbricked my phone and need help

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  1. joezang

    joezang Member

    I softbricked, its bootlooped, my rooted SGS4 running SGH-I337UCUFNC1 and don't know how to fix it. I don't have a recovery file, or a backup file. Can anybody help me?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    See if Kies recognizes it. If so, download the Kies version of the ROM for that particular model phone and "update" it.

    If not, see if Odin recognizes it in download mode. If so, download the Odin version of the ROM and flash it.

    Either ROM will be at SamMobile Firmwares (Kies ROMS have the Kies icon at the right end of the line.)
  3. joezang

    joezang Member

    Thanks so much bro, I was so scared that I would never be able to use my phone again!!

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