[AT&T] help with cleanrom 4.0?

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  1. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    In the thread that Scott has regarding cleanrom 4.0, it has a lot of different options for mods such as various overclocking settings and multitasking levels.. how would I go about adding these in with the Rom? It doesn't give me an option to do a custom instal, as I've flashed it twice to make sure.. any help would be appreciated! It won't let me create an xda account.. please please help!

  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey, I moved this to the HTC One X/XL All Things Root section. Thanks for understanding. :)
  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Can you link to the thread and I'll have a look at what's needed.
  4. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    I actually figured it out.. it automatically adds a folder called cleanrom under sdcard with the mod zips in it! But something else I noticed.... I can only use one mod at a time? I flashed the 1.8 overclock, ran benchmark and confirmed.. (might I add along with cleanrom Dev this thing is a demon!!!!!!!) But I went on to flash a dual core mod, verified verified that was working... But ran another benchmark and it was back at 1512? Did it again and same results only vice versa.... Although not important, just asking out of curiosity and a better understanding of android. Thanks
  5. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Well-Known Member

    Some mods use the same file so they override the changes made by the previous mod so only one can be used at a time, although if they're integrated into the ROM then I'm surprised they haven't been merged?

    Mods can normally be flashed in Recovery just like flashing a ROM, you need to flash these after you've flashed the ROM (making sure you've booted the phone at least once after flashing the ROM before flashing any mods).

    Benchmarks generally don't mean a lot, as you've just proven because your phone is never in exactly the same state so the benchmark will change, even if you ran it when you first turn the phone on you'd never just use the phone like that so that score is worthless. The only real test you can do is see how you think the phone runs when using it.

    I didn't explain that very well but I think you know what I mean :)

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