[AT&T] help with my HTC one x

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  1. teresawooten66

    teresawooten66 New Member

    By let m :smokingsomb:YES I GOT MY PHONE FROM ATT AND I had to get them to unlock it.for the sim card but since then if I try to send pictures it I think.it.needs to.be rebooted I'm going throughout straight talk now every thing works but send picture or multimedia

  2. Hellion420

    Hellion420 Well-Known Member

    if youre on straight talk, or going into straight talk, you may have not inputed the apn settings, or havent unchecked the ATT apn settings, in case it is the first here is the link to the apn settings for straight talk
    Support | Straight Talk then look into update settings
  3. mrgoodpaul

    mrgoodpaul Well-Known Member

    You do have to go into the settings and change the APN settings to the straight talk. MMS didn't work for me earlier today but I was in a low signal area. I did notice that I could receive pictures when on WiFi but idk of that has anything to do with it.

    Edit: J[​IMG]ust change the apn. My MMS worked after that and so did data

    P.S. I just activated my one x last night to straight talk and had work 5-1 my time so I haven't had a lot of free time to troubleshoot.

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