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  1. ugadawg67

    ugadawg67 New Member

    I have a friend's HTC One X (At&t) that he rooted and unlocked the bootloader and he was attempting to install a rom. I don't know what failed but he ended up relocking the bootloader and wiping the phone somehow and now it does NOT have any type of recovery. I can get into fastboot but any attempt to flash anything gives a signature failed error. I am familer with Moto and Samsung but not so much with HTC. Any help would be appreciated greatly. :confused:

  2. jordan443

    jordan443 Member

    To flash a recovery (I recommened TWRP) The bootloader has to be unlocked. Just go to Htcdev.com click unlock bootloader and select "all other supported models" then go through all the steps. After you unlock the Bootloader you should be able to flash the recovery.

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