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[AT&T] How do i revert to Stock Rom after Flashing Custom Rom?

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  1. the0nly0ne

    the0nly0ne Member


    How would i return to Stock Rom after Flashing A Custom Rom (Cyanogen Mod 10.1)? Would i just restore my backup before flashing the rom or do i Wipe my Phone? (Cache and etc etc)?

    Thank you! Much Appreciated.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    :hello: welcome to the forums

    Which phone/carrier do you have?
  3. the0nly0ne

    the0nly0ne Member

    Thanks! I'm currently on Telus... The SGH-i337m model! Samsung galaxy s4.
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I think your phone is closest to the model for the AT&T phone so I'll move the thread to that All Things Root forum.

    You said you made a backup before flashing the rom? Yes, you could just restore your backup to go back to where you were. If your backup was rooted then you will still be rooted. If you want to go back to complete stock, do this:

    First check this thread and download the stock rom for your phone. Or go to Sammobile Firmwares, type the model number for your phone in the search and download from there. I think both are the same download link. You will need to use Odin to install it.

    If you haven't used Odin before look at this guide. Just DO NOT use the stock rom files in that thread. Use the one you downloaded for your phone. Getting into download mode may be different for your phone too. Probably Volume Down + Home + Power.
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  5. the0nly0ne

    the0nly0ne Member

    Thanks so much!

    But so if i want to just go back to normal stock TouchWiz UI, but still root, all i have to do is restore my phone and it'll be back to normal TouchWiz?

    But if i want to go back no root and stock everything, then i download the firmwares and use ODIN, right?

    Thanks again so much!
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  6. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    You're welcome :)

    Yes, if you made a nandroid backup in recovery after you rooted and you were still stock, if you restore your backup that's what you will have .. rooted stock. Whatever it was when you backed, that's what will be restored.

    To unroot and go complete stock with stock recovery you would download the firmware and use Odin. If you had to return your phone for repair or something that's what you would want to do.
  7. the0nly0ne

    the0nly0ne Member

    Oh! I understand now! Again, Thanks so much! :)

    If i do decide to go back to stock, should i wipe all the data first and then back up?!

    And how would i transfer the data (new contacts and etc) back to my stock Rom?
    Also, making a nandroid backup is using the recovery and backing up right?

  8. tdevaughn

    tdevaughn Well-Known Member Developer


    Make a backup 1st.

    When you restore a backup, it will install in exactly the same position as when you made the backup. If you delete your data before you make a backup, then you will have no data when you restore.

    The process you should follow when installing a new rom is to make a backup of the current one on your phone. That way, if you dont like the new rom, you can restore your backup and you are back in the exact same position before you started installing the new rom.

    Once all of your apps restore and you think you like the new rom, make a backup of this rom. This will be a restore point for you as once you start loading mods and such you want a restore point to go back to in case something doesnt work well. Backups are your friend, use them and they can save you tremendous amount of time and angst. :)
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  9. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Do you mean go back to stock using Odin? No, you don't have to wipe. Odin will replace everything. However, I do like to wipe everything using recovery before I go back to stock. I even do that before restoring a backup. If you want to save the ROM you're on now, yes back that up first and yes a nandroid is a backup made in recovery. If you want to save room and not backup the cyanogenmod ROM you're on now, you could always flash it again later.

    Look in settings > accounts and make sure your contacts are synced with Google. After you use Odin and go back to stock they will restore themselves. If you are just restoring your rooted stock backup in recovery, everything you had will still be there.
  10. the0nly0ne

    the0nly0ne Member

    Oh! Thank you very much!

    I understand now. Thank you both! :)
  11. zannbleamford

    zannbleamford New Member

    Should we use the version of Odin (Odin 3.07) that is used in the forum on how to use Odin that you linked us to?

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