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[AT&T] HTC One rooted Forgets WIFI Passwords?

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  1. supak111

    supak111 Member

    My rooted HTC One keeps forgetting wifi password. When I connect and type in the password for wifi, wifi does connect. But as soon as I restart the phone, or restart wifi ON/OFF and try to connect to same wifi it asks for password every time.

    Is this a bug? Is there any way to fix this?

  2. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    must be unique to your phone mine saves wifi passwords fine
  3. jehowe

    jehowe Active Member

    Not an issue for me either...... On the chance it's a permission problem, check and see if the file /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf has rw-rw---- permissions, with owner: system & group: wifi.

    Otherwise a bit of a pain, but I'd wipe cache and reset to see if that resolves things.
  4. nookiewacookie1

    nookiewacookie1 New Member

    My phone is not rooted, and I too am having the same password issue with my phone.
  5. rfic

    rfic Member

    i have same issue here!

    i checked my "wpa_supplicant.conf", the property is right, but somehow the wifi name which my htc one can't remember password is NOT included

    any suggestion?
  6. RonPruitt

    RonPruitt New Member

    I too have had problems with my wifi forgetting passwords. For me, what appears to work (so far) is uninstalling ATT Hotspot. If you are not rooted, you can remove it from the market but you will still have the icon to reinstall it.

    While this could be one of the most useful bloat apps, it must intercept / manage the wifi password configuration file and unfortunately it is known (Google for reviews) that it does not save passwords even though that is what the app is intended to do.

    Once I uninstalled this all of my passwords could be saved and I did a reboot and all passwords were retained and auto connect worked as it should.

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