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AT&T HTC one X APN settings for Straight TalkSupport

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  1. HarrisJ

    HarrisJ New Member

    I Just recently bought this AT&T HTC one X a couple weeks ago, and cannot get apn settings to work right no matter what i do....HELP!!!!LOL
    My wife has the exact same phone and carrier and her settings will not work on my phone. Everything but MMS is working just cannot get picture text.

    Also every other one X ive seen. Their tabs are BLUE Why are mine RED????????????
    Thanks For any help you can give...........

  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    they do not want att customers and will provide as many as possible a bad experience. i know your wife works. any change could cause hers to quit as well and their tech support is no help.

    there was a new apn put on their website you may want to try that one. look on the straighttalksim.com site under support. mms is not working if you are able to get internet working for many people. others are having better luck with net10 but still some mms issues. bunches have moved to gophone because of written rules, more data and lte.

    good luck
  3. MinDev

    MinDev Well-Known Member

    Well I recently switched to the One X and I used the same settings I used in my Nokia Lumia 900 and it works fine:

    apn: att.mvno
    proxy: (blank)
    port: (blank)
    username: (blank)
    password: (blank)
    server: (blank)
    mmsc: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    mms proxy:
    mms port: 80

    Don't bother anything else. And, obviously the parts that say "(blank)" leave blank. lol. This should work. They are the only settings that had everything including the windows features working flawlessly on my Lumia and they work perfectly with my One X as well. This is late, but maybe it'll help someone else.
  4. MinDev

    MinDev Well-Known Member

    Btw, those mms settings I posted should give you mms without a problem.

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