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[AT&T] htc one xl no mobile data after rom flash

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  1. rdodger300

    rdodger300 New Member

    hello all ! i have unlocked bootloader , flashed twrp and rooted . i then installed clean rom 5 and just realized today (2 days later ) that i dont have mobile data . it says disconnected under settings . i have found this with cm10 , cleanrom4.5 and 4.1 as well . i restore to stock and mobile data works again . Am i doing something wrong ? the cm10 rom shows a 3g symbol but no 4g . i really like the cleanrom and wanna get it working ,any help is greatly appreciated

  2. rdodger300

    rdodger300 New Member

    Anyone have any idea?
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    are you still using the one xl on att?

    first thing i would check is your APN settings,in mobile networks. make sure whatever carrier your using has an apn setting present,and there is a dot by the appropriate one.

    if you restore a stock backup,does your data work there?
  4. Fynx

    Fynx Well-Known Member

    I had this problem with my simlock. I paid for the simlock, but it would not apply on the rooted AOKP. Instead I had to relock the bootloader via the one click app, apply the RUU (2.20), sim unlock in stock setup, re exploit and re root, re bootloader unlock, re TWRP, and I was all set. In summary, I had to reset the phone to factory, simunlock, re bootloader & reroot to get my AT&T One X to work on T-mobile. It is working fine, slow uploads and weak wifi.

    Hope this helps.

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