[AT&T] i337m bootlooped after installing rom.

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  1. zontiq

    zontiq New Member

    Hi, thanks for reading this.
    I recently tried to flash the Hyperdrive rom RL15 on my Galaxy s4 i337m. I had a stock 4.3 mk6 firmaware and since its a m model the bootloader is unlocked. I rooted the phone, installed TWRP 2.7, Factory wiped and flashed the rom itself with the ATT compatibility pack. Unfortunately after starting the phone, it went into downloading mode, with a message on the left side saying that couldn't do normal boot. I'm trying to understand where the problem is, and any input would be appreciated.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    This may help you. I don't know where there's a link to the ROM, but it should be somewhere in that section of the forum. This may be the one they're referring to.
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  3. zontiq

    zontiq New Member

    hey, thanks for your suggestions. I fixed the bootloop after installing a t-mobile compatibilty pack instead of att one. Apparently att one has a loki patched kernel which didnt allow my phone to booth, while t-mobile worked fine.

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