[AT&T] Install Note 2 Titanium backup to Note 3?

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  1. spinedoc

    spinedoc Well-Known Member

    I have a Titanium backup from my old Note 2, anyone care to venture a guess if this would install onto a Note 3? It would be nice to get setup this quick, I miss Apple's backup method and wish Google had something like it.

  2. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    I would and have safely done this before between s2 and note, then note to note 2. I will restore my latest back up pro to my new note 3 but others argue not to. I've seen no evidence this causes problems.
  3. spinedoc

    spinedoc Well-Known Member

    Very cool, thanks. One less hassle to worry about.
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Does Titanium backup restore all settings a person made, as far as UI is concerned? Or is it just like all the other backup apps (e.g. pics/music/videos/etc.).

    I know root is required to use it, but I've always been curious what makes Titanium backup more thorough than any of the other popular backup apps.
  5. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo Well-Known Member

    Is Titanium Backup only for rooted phones?

    I ask, because I would guess you have to root the Note III first to do the restore and I am not certain there is a root available.

    This is all speculation on my part.
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It does apps and associated data, so if you have a custom launcher, it will do widgets and home screen stuff.

    Whilst TB will do system settings, it's not recommended. So stuff like ringtones, brightness etc, its best to do manually.

    I think helium handles system settings though.
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  7. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yes. From the actual app title, it says for rooted only.
  8. rawhide85

    rawhide85 Well-Known Member

    spine- Just wondering if the restore worked. On XDA they have found that Knox will register even flashing CWM, which may void your warranty.
  9. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Warranty shmarranty... :D

    Unless the Note 3 has a mechanism in place to report a rooting action (wouldn't surprise me), you can always unroot/lock it and turn it in for warranty repairs. Then unlock/root it again.

    The concern I have is whether or not someone will find a successful root exploit. I don't NEED CWM or a ROM... all I want is root so I can do exactly this: transfer a TiBU file from my Nexus to the new Note 3 and restore all my app DATA.
  10. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    My Note 2 is rooted but my Note 3 isn't. If I only backup user apps and leave the system stuff can I restore that backup to the unrooted Note 3?
  11. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    No, with TB, you need root to restore the data.

    You might want to take a look at Helium though, I think that can restore without root.
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  12. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    Cool, I'll check it out, thanks.
  13. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    Well, that didn't go well. Many problems, lost settings, phone behaving erratically even after reboot. Had to factory reset it. Guess it'll have to be Titanium Backup. I know the Note 3 can be rooted but I'm using a Mac. Anyone know of a way to root it using a Mac instead of a pc?

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