[AT&T] Is CM10 compatible with HTC One X 2.20?

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  1. Jester4576

    Jester4576 Member

    Hello Jester4576 here,

    I'm brand spanking new to rooting and flashing ROMs and am seeking some advice. I just rooted my HTC One X(Evita) v2.20 hboot 1.14 My first root EVER :) I'm looking to pop my ROM cherry lol and flash CM10 that I found on the cyanogenmod download site under type-->stable-->evita and just wanted to make sure it's compatible with my device and won't brick my phone. I have read certain roms only work with certain hboot versions and software versions, I think. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Like I said before I'm super new to the rooting scene and am just being cautious. Looking forward to any advice. Also, I've read something about gapps, does cm10 need them or would it have said there? Thanks in advance. Oh and I'm using TWRP.

  2. Jester4576

    Jester4576 Member

    Also wanted to add, do certain roms only work with certain software versions? I saw a cm10 hybrid rom in these forums, but in the title it says[Evita 2.12] I'm on 2.20 so does that mean I can't flash it?
  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    CM10 would need the gapps package. For legal reasons, Cyanogen aren't allowed to include Gmail/Play etc in with their ROM, it has to be installed separately.

    You might have to be careful with certain hboots and flashing boot.img's, but checking the CM10 thread on xda, I'm not entirely sure what the deal is with that yet. Gimme some time to read through in its entirety. :)

    The worst it will do is cause a bootloop (the phone won't boot), so there's no real danger of bricking. As long as you take a backup in TWRP before you flash anything, you'll be fine.
  4. Jester4576

    Jester4576 Member

    Thanks for the info. When I get home ill try and flash cm10. I'll keep an on this thread for any more info you may find and will post if the flash was successful or not.
  5. Jester4576

    Jester4576 Member

    OK so i flashed cm10 with the gapps and everything worked out well for my first time flashing. Thanks El Presidente! One problem I am having though is with TiBu. I followed the tut on it and flashed it after flashing my ROM but now the settings menu is gone from it. Any thoughts? I was thinking maybe reflashing cm10 and downloading TiBu from the store as normal and seeing if that fixes the issue. What u think? Also the keyboard on this ROM is standard with no swype. Is there a way to get a different keyboard or do I have to look for another ROM? Sorry for all the questions?
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    No need to apologise for asking questions! Glad the flash went ok. :)

    The Swype thing was only added as default on 4.2, if you're looking for Swype, you'll need to install the Swype beta or something like this: 4.2 Keyboard.

    Not sure what you mean about the Titanium Settings though, sorry :eek:
  7. Jester4576

    Jester4576 Member

    OK cool I'll try that keyboard out. Yeah normally for TiBu when open in the top right there's 3 icons, search, the check mark, and then 3 dots signifying settings. The settings is missing now. In the tut it said to create an update .zip for tibu so while in recovery it can be flashed after flashing a ROM and it will be stored as a system file in order not to have to download and install again from the app store. I'm thinking maybe it being a system file now on the ROM is why the settings is missing maybe, idk I'm no tech guy just using logic.
  8. Jester4576

    Jester4576 Member

    Found the problem. I needed to tick the "allow 3 dot overflow menu" option in the settings.
  9. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    Glad you figured that out. That 3 dot thing has always been confusing. Some ROMs (most notably the stock one) allow you to remap where the menu key would be so one of the capacitive buttons (or a long press on one) brings up the menu. Not sure if CM gives you this option, but it's something to look into if you don't like having the whole bar taken for just the one button.
  10. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It's the default setting on CM. Single Tap is menu, long press is Google Now and Long pressing Home brings up recent apps.
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