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[AT&T] jellybean root

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  1. funkymedina

    funkymedina Member

    im sure this is here somewhere, can someone point me in the right direction...

    how do i root my s3 w/JB on a mac? i have searched everywhere for an easy root like before w/ICS.

    i tried installing heimdall and i cant even find the app on my mac after installing it. im sure im completely missing something here, so forgive my newness.


  2. Chevyman1580

    Chevyman1580 Well-Known Member

    I was told on xda forum that the phone can't be rooted on a Mac. Need to use a pc
  3. funkymedina

    funkymedina Member

    thats not true. i rooted it from my mac when it was running ics.
  4. Chevyman1580

    Chevyman1580 Well-Known Member

    I'm on jelly bean

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