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  1. octobahn

    octobahn New Member

    Hey all. Got a couple of apps on the s4 that is location dependent...Weatherbug and Tasker. Neither are updating the data because the location isn't regretting the update. I'm 20 miles at work and weatherbug is still giving me weather information from my home city. I came from a S2 which was flawless with location. Any help? Appreciate it!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Run a GPS app GPS Essentials, GPS Studio, etc.) to see if the GPS is working. If it's not, no app is going to get the right location. (I assume that you haven't turned location services off. The phone needs them to figure out where you are.)
  3. octobahn

    octobahn New Member

    Hey Rukbat, I believe GPS is working because I'm able to navigate with Google Maps and my workout apps. I will try the apps you suggested to make sure GPS is working.
  4. octobahn

    octobahn New Member

    I haven't downloaded and tried the apps but what I did was set up a file write task which loops and writes out the GPS and network locations. I then went for a walk with the GPS on. GPS location was updating correctly (and I verify by putting the coords into Google maps) but the network location was static and never was updated. Any ideas?

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