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  1. Greenpants

    Greenpants Member

    Hey all. New user here hoping for some help. Long story short I followed the instructions on these 3 sites exactly:




    After doing this I rooted successfully and loaded the google play rom then wound up stuck on the "HTC quietly brilliant screen". Subsequently my Google rom has disappeared from the file menu...the phone will not connect to PC in TWRP...and as you may notice from those "tutorials" no mention of TWRP backup is made (unless I missed it) so I have no backup.

    I am currently stuck on the boot screen with no ability to pass that other than TWRP which has opted to discard my rom file on its own...any help?

    after some reading I was able to get the phone into bootloader (by holding it to bright light while hitting power/V down) but it will not connect to my PC even in bootloader (computer won't recognize phone is connected)


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  2. Greenpants

    Greenpants Member

    So after sleeping a few hours I'm of the thought process that since I can now access boot loader and twrp I could fix the issue if I could send files to the device. But I can't seem to do that. Any help there?
  3. Greenpants

    Greenpants Member

    Update 3:

    Finally got it working. It appears that there was an issue with the ROM provided by that site? I found a working one but later discovered it was 4.2.2. Any links to verified 4.3 roms around the forums?
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  4. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

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  5. Greenpants

    Greenpants Member

    Thanks clsA. I found that one and it did not work either (tried 3 times). Ironically after trying that one several times the 4.3 Bigxie version started working...?

    Also, a word of advice for anyone who tries this based upon my above URLs.... MAKE A BACKUP!

    You should backup your phone after installing TWRP (recovery tool) and before trying to load the rom so that, in the event it doesn't load properly, you arent' stuck with a useless phone until you figure out a different ROM that does work.
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  6. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    What was the problem with mikes Rom .. did you have a problem in Aroma ?
    I have loaded dozens of his releases and never had a problem
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