AT&T Nexus One in fringe areas

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  1. mm81

    mm81 Member

    My new AT&T Nexus One is total garbage in fringe areas. I have about 3 bars of 850 mhz 3G service about 1 bar of 1900 3G, and most calls on my iPhone fall back to EDGE (without dropping) by the end of the call. Instead, the Nexus One just drops the call.

    Would rooting and putting a radio update on help? Or is this phone just not good in bad service areas?

  2. nestrapez

    nestrapez Active Member

    most likely
  3. fingernailX

    fingernailX New Member

    Maybe it's ATT that's not so good in fringe areas and not the phone. I was in the Morrocan restaurant at EPCOT on Saturday which is a pretty thick concrete structure with a unconventional - at least for Florida :) - roof line. My ATT employee brother-in-law had his iPhone 3GS as did my wife and her mother. Nobody got a signal inside the building but me on my N1. I had weekend support for my employer's online learning system and was able to reply to student trouble tickets via email no problem. We all had a good laugh as I had previously complained alot about the reception of my first N1 which was an unlocked TMobile freq. unit bought 20 minutes into the press conference in January. Your mileage may vary.

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