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[AT&T] Nexus Rom for the Note 2 while keeping S pen features?

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  1. hemplacrosse4

    hemplacrosse4 Well-Known Member

    I could of sworn I saw talk about a Nexus like rom for the Note 2 while still keeping the S pen features, has anyone used the rom before and is it worth it? My father has the Nexus on Verizon and for a phone that just has a dual core cpu it seems just as fast as my Note 2, so I am assuming it is the Touchwiz that is slowing it down. Thoughts?

  2. stlcoptony

    stlcoptony Member

    I am currently using CleanRom 3.5 and it appears to have all those features you want.

    edit: It still has touchwiz (if you choose to keep it during install) but is very fast and i've had almost zero lag

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