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  1. k3Ck

    k3Ck Well-Known Member

    My Note II shipped with a very small nick in the screen. I went to the store and spoke with a sales rep. She said she couldn't exchange it until tomorrow. I asked her if she could put one aside and she said she couldn't. The manager was outside of the store and I told him my situation and asked if he could put one on the side for me and he said "I'm really not supposed to but I absolutely will for you, we just got them in 5 minutes ago". He went in the back and set one to the side and gave me his card. He just said to come back tomorrow because he couldn't do the exchange until they're released. He was extremely friendly and everything went pretty smoothly. If you have any problems don't hesitate to call your local store!

  2. djackson02

    djackson02 Member

    glad to hear
  3. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear your NJ stores have competent employees. The ones down here in the DC metro area are morons. Good to know you got a replacement quickly.
  4. k3Ck

    k3Ck Well-Known Member

    I exchanged it this morning and the new one is fine except my Simcard password doesn't work now. Gotta go back and find out what happened sometime in the future

    And for anyone wondering they got a shipment of only 6 and no white ones.
  5. Lucidmike

    Lucidmike Well-Known Member

    I've been wondering these last few days. Does the gorilla glass edge get thinner towards the edge? I can't tell for sure but maybe if you saw that nick you can tell? I wonder if that makes it more prone to cracks, chips, and nicks. I'm thinking my Samsung Flip cover is not adequate for any real protection, except the damage sharp objects in my pockets.
  6. k3Ck

    k3Ck Well-Known Member

    I'm almost positive it's the same thickness over the entire phone. If it wasn't the same thickness light would pass through the glass differently and would cause display problems.

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