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AT&T Note 3General

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  1. rawhide85

    rawhide85 Well-Known Member

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

  3. jackwins

    jackwins Member

    I just preordered mine :)
  4. rawhide85

    rawhide85 Well-Known Member

    Great, $299? Also, what color?
  5. jackwins

    jackwins Member

    Yep, $299... Jet Black :vamp:
  6. RalfyJ

    RalfyJ Active Member

    Got mine! 199 white!
  7. ou1987

    ou1987 New Member

    I have never pre ordered a phone before. Does any one know if its faster to pre order or is there a chance to pick up the phone at an AT&T store on or around Oct. 1st
  8. Germwise

    Germwise Well-Known Member

    how is did you get the 199 price?
  9. RalfyJ

    RalfyJ Active Member

    I was transferred to 2 different people and I was telling them how when I went

    to go pre-order that they ATT website were trying to make me pay full price

    after the guy in the ATT store told me I can get it with the Next program. The

    callers were saying that I wasn't eligible until next year but since I've been a

    loyal customer for so long and the guy in the ATT store said I could get it with

    the Next program he went ahead and got it to me for 299. Then he said ooops I

    put it in for 199 and once you put that in you can't take it out. So there it was! I

    made him confirm like 4 times that I had purchased the correct phone and

    everything. Sorry so long

    Oo and he waived the activation fee as well

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