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    yes, i have used both, and yes, you call real humans, in the united states, not india, saving long emails. yes, they get back to you, and yes, i won my VALID complaints, but please, read below.

    no, it is not really the president's executive secretary in texas, but it is the correct department if you have an unresolvable wireless or dsl/landline issue. fyi, these are separate complaint departments.

    1. please don't waste their time, or yours, unless you have ALREADY tried to resolve your wireless or dsl/landline issues at the customer service level, as the at&t office of the president will (and should) research all of your contacts and records before they resolve your issue, if it can be resolved.

    put another way, don't call them first. call them only after you have at least tried to resolve your problem, and are unsatisfied, as they are the last step.

    2. they are, and so would you be if you had their thankless job, fact finders and truth seekers. they don't have the authority, nor should they, nor would you if you owned a business , to just hand out free money and break rules and policies to make you happy. no carrier, and no company can just hand out free, undeserved money, period. nor should they.


    4. THEY TAKE A FEW BUSINESS DAYS (not including weekends), and maybe up to 5/five business days. 3 is about average.

    5. THEY ARE YOUR LAST HOPE. DO NOT BE MEAN OR RUDE TO THEM. EVERYONE ELSE IS, SO, BE FAIRLY NICE, OK?? no, you do not need to kiss their butts. just be civil, decent and polite. if you are super angry, call them when you are calmer.

    during the initial call, they listen and type notes. they will not argue or fight with you. they are fact finders during the initial call only, period. you better have your facts right, or don't bother them, period. don't lie. don't exaggerate.

    you can explain how many times you have called (yes, they have records of each and every call). you can explain how upset, disappointed, frustrated you are, etc., but do it fairly calmly. most importantly, tell them why. bitching at them does not help, so give them reasons for why you feel you have been wronged. give them facts.

    your initial call with them is when you give them the facts. don't lie, as they will look at the records. don't say you called 10 times, as they will see if you did, and again, give them facts and reasons. if you really piss them off, even if you are right, if i worked in their department, i would reject your claim if you were super rude or swore at me.

    6. also, at&t has a new policy that if people use abusive language, they can be terminated by at&t - NOBODY wants to listen to dirty words. no other carrier or company will put up with dirty words, no matter how tempting. that does not mean you can't express your frustration and disappointment. tempted to say you have been a customer for 10 years, but the fact is you have been a customer for 5 years, don't bother lying - they have access to all records, payment history, your call ins, etc., period.

    7. keep it simple, explain your problems, and why, and be decent or fairly nice, if you expect to win. also, if you were in court, and started to swear at a judge, you will be thrown out of the court, and likely face a fine or jail, and/or dismissal of your case.

    8. don't ask them for them to agree or for their decision on the initial call - someone else will be researching and investigating it. also, the person you speak to will not be the one to (hopefully) resolve it - the resolution, or final judge, is someone else who will CALL YOU PERSONALLY. they are the person you lobby your final case to, if you need to if they decide against you.


    also, see below for landlines/DSL ONLY (i don't know if this is for uverse/cable customers, so call them and find out):

    AT&T OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, AT&T EXECUTIVE OFFICES, LANDLINES/DSL ONLY (funny it has a 666): 800-791-6661 or 800-451-3106

    good luck!

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    The ATT Wireless number is no longer valid.
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  3. SGS2

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    sorry... they must have changed it, and they may change it again as well.

    thus, i would just ask them for the number. i can give you more numbers, but they may be invalid, so just ask them, please.

  4. Frisco

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    Well, because of the bad phone number, the all important portion of the OP ;), this thread is no longer a "tip," so I'll lock it up.

    I suggest that a new thread here in Tips and Tricks be started if a new, viable number for a live executive at AT&T is discovered. ;)

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