AT&T Online Locker?

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  1. Racenut

    Racenut New Member

    Anyone using this? I kinda accidentally sent a pic there, they sent a text message back confirming, but looks like it's an add-on service (as in more $).

    I'd rather it be that easy to upload pics to Google Picasa.

    Still trying to figure out how the gallery works.. it's grabbing images from my inside my emails. That's annoying...

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  2. ric3bowl

    ric3bowl Active Member

    I'm charging my Captivate so I can't double check but I think I saw a way to upload to Picasa when you are in the gallery looking at an image. Just single tap the screen and hit the share icon on the lower left. I think that brings up a menu where you can select Picasa. I hope I'm right. It's late here...

    And no, I'm not using their bloatware. Pretty ridiculous that they'd be charging for cloud services when Google has it for free for the most part.
  3. Racenut

    Racenut New Member

    Yeah, thought it was kinda sucky to make that sorta the default sharing action.

    But yeah, hit share and upload to Picassa, after I posted that I Googled it before someone posted a "LMGTFY" link :D It's pretty easy, but still not like they made the Online Locker. Wasnt sure though if there was something great about online locker or if it was just a stupid tax for people who didn't know any better.
  4. mgracebeard

    mgracebeard New Member

    since you have the captivate, can you answer a question for me?

    if you sent a picture to the online locker, how can you go about deleting it?
  5. Buddha64

    Buddha64 Well-Known Member

    Um... Go "online" to your "locker" at the AT&T Mobile Share website. That is, if you have AT&Ts Online Locker (@ $5/month). And if so, then you already know where to go, because you had to register with the site to enable your storage.

    If you haven't paid for the service, there's really nothing to delete because what you sent went into the "aether." All you did was eat up some of your data plan.

    Now... if someone can figure out a way to disable that as an option, that would be useful.
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