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  1. TigerDentist

    TigerDentist New Member

    Every photo I take on my phone has a blue line and some dots in the corner. They appear on my screen before I take the photo and are a part of the picture afterward. Please help. I'm about to go on a trip and want streakless photos.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    That sounds like something on the lens (did you remove the plastic cover on the lens?) or a defect in the camera itself. If you removed the plastic, bring the phone in. A defective camera is covered under the warranty. (Make sure everything is backed up - they'll most likely just replace the phone and send it back for repair, to use as a warranty replacement for someone else. [Don't worry about your data - their first step is a factory reset, which wipes off all your data.]) Ask at your local store whether they're a Device Support Center - that's most likely where you'll have to go. (If you just tell them what's wrong, they'll waste your time confirming it, then send you to the DSC, where they'll spend time confirming the complaint too.)
  3. TigerDentist

    TigerDentist New Member

    I did remove the plastic cover. It only started happening about 5 days ago. I did a factory reset myself and the problem is still there so it makes me think that it is something internal. I called AT&T and they said that it sounds like its a problem with the sensor inside the camera but they also told me that I needed to call the helpline. Maybe I'll just try taking it into the store and seeing if they can do anything before I spend hours on the phone. Thanks for your advice!

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