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AT&T Prepaid on Unlocked G1?Support

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  1. mishathegoat

    mishathegoat Member

    Hello everyone,
    I was curious if it were possible to purchase an AT&T Prepaid GoPhone and use the SIM card in an unlocked T-Mobile G1. Any help is appreciated.


  2. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member


    I use Tmo prepaid in mine. If you plan on using ATTs prepaid data ($$$) you'll have to manually config the APN info.
  3. mishathegoat

    mishathegoat Member

    Thanks for the response. Where can I find the APN info specifically for a prepaid AT&T SIM card? Or could I get a point in the right direction? Again, any help is appreciated.. Thanks a lot
  4. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    I don't have a way to test it, but found many leads doing a google search on the subject.

    Many of them look similar to this:
  5. mishathegoat

    mishathegoat Member

    Thanks again!

    Another question (Instead of creating a new thread):
    Is there anything I need to do with my G1 before I pop in the prepaid SIM?
    Or is it as easy as buying the G1, Getting the prepaid SIM, and unlocking it?

    Thanks again
  6. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    I don't think so. I think you'll be able to pop it in. Let us know if anything weird happens so the forum will have more complete info.

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