AT&T Pushes Update to i717 (GN LTE)Support

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  1. bmclachlan

    bmclachlan Active Member

    on March 15 at about 9 PM EDT AT&T pushed an update to my phone over the air (not involving Kies). The initial message stated that I must remain within wi-fi coverage for this update to complete successfully.

    After about 20 minutes of downloading a 36 MB file and installing it I was puzzled as to what this was. I still can't determine what happened as the OS still reports 4.0.4, kernel version 3.0.8, build number IMM760.UCMB4.

    Anyone have a clue?


  2. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    Although I am not that familiar with your device, since your android version stayed the same, I am guessing the update was probably just security fixes or optimizations for your device.
  3. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Wrong forum - the i717 is a completely different beast to the GT-N7000.
  4. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    Oh? What's the name for the i717 then? I can move it to the correct forum
  5. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy Note LTE - Android Forums

    The GT-N7000 doesn't have 4G or NFC, which the i717 LTE does, and the N7000 has a physical home button, whereas the i717 doesn't. The motherboard is completely different too, with a different CPU. I understand that you can't even use an N7000 case on an i717 or vice-versa. But yes, superficially they do look similar.
  6. R0ck3y

    R0ck3y New Member

    Unfortunately it was just a baseband update to i717ucmb4 i was looking for the jellybean update
  7. geeingu

    geeingu Well-Known Member

    Initially thought it was jelly bean as well, sigh, so disappointed :(

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