AT&T pushing updates to enable sideloading on older phones

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  1. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Well-Known Member

    Not on mine yet.

  2. RavenFox

    RavenFox VIP Member VIP Member

    Yeah I'm waiting to. Finally, and to thank Amazon for initiating the push towards this.
  3. glg

    glg Active Member

    Just tried now and it worked. I had an update to the amazon app store itself pending (sideloaded it originally and was too lazy to sideload the update). Went through just now. I don't have the option to allow or not, it just appears to work.
  4. jackrock

    jackrock Active Member

    I originally sideloaded the Amazon Appstore but later deleted it. I just installed it with no problems on my Captivate so I guess I got the update.

  5. phoenixms

    phoenixms Active Member

    Yay! Just got the update. I saw my phone wakeup on the coffee table so I decided to give it a go. The Amazon App store installed without a hitch.
  6. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Well-Known Member

    Just got mine as well!
  7. evileyez3

    evileyez3 Active Member

    Just updated it myself. We are "go".
  8. amheck

    amheck Active Member

    Hmm.....mine didn't have the option, that I see, to allow to install non-market apps in Settings, but I just tried to install an apk file and it seems like its working.
  9. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    I'm actually a little surprised at the number of Captivates not already rooted and enabled for non market apps judging by the responses on these forums
  10. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    I've tried this an recevied an error. I'm wondering if I unroot I can get the updated, and then root again when it's done?
  11. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Did you root with super one click? I think you're supposed to enable non market with rage against the cage mode
  12. leirachelle

    leirachelle New Member

    Who knows when AT&T will come through. Rageagainstthecage superoneclick works for allowing your phone to download non market apps. After rooting, open up the superoneclick again and select the 'allow non-market apps' with your phone still connected to the computer and usb debugging still activated. You may need to 'allow' it on your phone, if that is the case, it will pop up on your phone automatically, mine only gives me 8 seconds and if I don't select 'allow' it 'fails'. I was able to load all of my backups from mybackupPro from my sd card after allowing non market apps.
  13. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    How do w get that amazon app store?
  14. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    Yes, I used One Click to root. I don't know what "rage against the cage" is.
  15. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    Once your phone is updated to allow non-market aps, go to this link: Appstore for Android. In the upper right hand corner is a place to enter your phone number or e-mail and you will be sent a link to it.
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  16. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    See the post 2 above yours. It's on the right side of the app (super one click)..
  17. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    I'm not seeing anything in the SuperOneClick ap that says "rageagainstthecage". I just re-downloaded it, so I'm pretty sure I have the current version (1.9.1).
  18. Android26

    Android26 Well-Known Member

  19. selmerdave

    selmerdave Well-Known Member

    My stock Froyo is now successfully sideloading. No new check box, but it works.

  20. RavenFox

    RavenFox VIP Member VIP Member

    Thanks for this.

    edit:I still cannot install the app. Stock Captivate here. Oh well
  21. Ph8

    Ph8 Well-Known Member

    No owrries I still havent got the update on my stock captivate either :).....I think they are rolling it out very very slowly...
  22. Uncle_Rico

    Uncle_Rico Member

    so just to make sure i have this right.. all those Captivates that have received the update... do NOT have the check box that allows installation from "unknown sources" ... it just works and allows you to install non-market apps..?! I'm rooted and have been able to sideload apk's via Super One-Click rooting for awhile... so i can't tell if I've been "pushed" this update or NOT..?! hmmm...
  23. Ph8

    Ph8 Well-Known Member

    That is correct, the only way to know for sure if if you have a stock device. For the Captivate there is no "Unknown Sources" selection in the menu.
  24. steve6884

    steve6884 Well-Known Member

    Just tried installing it and it worked. For 5 days while i was out of town I kept checking for a software update. Now i feel like an idiot but am glad it finally works
  25. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    I spoke with Amazon and they are in the process of completing it for AT&T. They are estimating about one more week.

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