AT&T reception in MD/DC/VA area

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  1. mms1946

    mms1946 Well-Known Member

    I'm on Sprint right now and have the HTC EVO 4G LTE as my personal phone, but my company is getting me a BB and I'm considering AT&T. I had AT&T about 8 years ago and they were terrible. I had dropped calls all of the time, so I want to know how your experience has been in the MD/DC/VA area with AT&T? Also, do you have dropped calls or poor reception making calls from your basement (as that is where my office is when I work from home)?


  2. ardyer

    ardyer Well-Known Member

    It depends on where you are. I work in Alexandria and reception is pretty good if you aren't in a building. I live in Fairfax Co. and reception is spotty, although it doesn't seem to be any worse in my basement. When I've been into the city, I've never had any problems with reception.

    My wife does seem to get better reception with her iPhone 4s than I do with my Captivate, although I just ordered an S3 so we'll see if that helps.
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  3. mms1946

    mms1946 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input! Went with the Verizon bold instead of the At&t torch. Can't have dropped calls while dealing with clients.

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