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[AT&T] [ROM][7/13] Xi40, AROMA, COREDROID TWEAKS!!! ODEXED, Unleash Your One X

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  1. XsMagical

    XsMagical Well-Known Member Developer


    How to Flash

    1. Download Rom.zip and save to phone storage
    2. boot into recovery
    3. wipe system
    4. wipe cache
    5. go to flash rom
    6. select the proper download
    7. follow the options in the Aroma installer
    8. Reboot & Enjoy

    Please consider a donation to help continue development


    Mobile Link​


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  2. XsMagical

    XsMagical Well-Known Member Developer

    one more for later
  3. miked0602

    miked0602 Well-Known Member

    Hey XsMagical,

    I would like to make a NEWS post about your ROM on my communities site, it would link to your post here, I would not post any instructions nor files. That is all in your post here.

    I would also post it in the ROMS and Updates section of our front page news.

    I would provide you links to view them and request anything you might want changed. Then if you want you can reg and just post em yourself.
    The ONE x is a hot product so Thanks alot for your hard work!
    XsMagical likes this.
  4. XsMagical

    XsMagical Well-Known Member Developer

    Go for it, I cant refuse any publicity lol. This site needs more traffic anyway, so it would help us all.
  5. guaterican101

    guaterican101 Well-Known Member

    I installed this rom and it dosn't boot, any help.
  6. XsMagical

    XsMagical Well-Known Member Developer

    What firmware are you coming from?
  7. gueydejalisco

    gueydejalisco Well-Known Member

    i love this rom i just have two problems wifi dsnt always work and long pressing recent app button crashes the phone
  8. gueydejalisco

    gueydejalisco Well-Known Member

    ok so forgoet i said that? i restored a backup just outa curiosty and it fixed the problems...the weird part is instead of the normal boot animation it says android with the pulsing light that gos across it...strange...(i like taht more) but its still od unless thats android default backup boot animation? but if thats the case shouldnt it be the default ics boot animation??

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