[AT&T] Root help please?

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  1. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    Definitely a noob when it comes to rooting, always jailbroke every device I had. I've tried to follow an article on androidauthority, it said it was rooting, and it rebooted my phone a few times only to find it still didn't have root acces. Can anyone point me in the right direction on the most recent updated root method for my AT&T One X? It's on version 1.85. Thanks to anyone in advance.

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

  3. InflatedTitan

    InflatedTitan Active Member

    WOW.... Went to unlocking link... Read it.. did a little research on adb and sdk... And sadly I'm just not advanced enough to even try something like that. I mean that's freaking ridiculous.. I would literally need someone sitting right next to me trying to explain to me like I'm a 4 year old haha.... Although it makes me extremely upset, I guess I have no choice but to pass on unlocking my One X's true potential.... :(

    Also, something don't quite make sense to me... In order to root my phone, I need to unlock bootloader... But in order to unlock bootloader, one of the first thing it says is I need to have root.... This process is complicated

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