[AT&T] Rooting and Tripping the Flash Counter/OTA Updates

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  1. gjdenbeste

    gjdenbeste New Member

    I have a question when it comes to the S4 and tripping the flash counter. If I root it using the motochopper method will that trip the counter? Another question I have is if I root that way will I no longer have access to OTA updates?

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  2. brownchm

    brownchm Well-Known Member

    While I am not certain if the S4 is like the S3 and Note 2 then if you flash your phone using odin then you will most likely trip the flash counter on the S4. If you root developers will release updates faster than AT&T and you won't have to worry about OTA updates.
  3. trparky

    trparky Well-Known Member

    Here's hoping to a "CleanROM" of sorts. But then again, after I flashed Faux's third-party kernel to the phone the phone now runs great. The lag beast is gone.

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