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  1. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    It Works!!!


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  2. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Good deal.

    I take that back,... it did work on one of them after about 15 (literally) tries.

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  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i was going to start a new thread,but since youy beat me to the punch ill just add this on here :D

    moonshine has been released:
    moonshine xda thread
    direct link:

    and also a well known team has released what they are calling a developer early access edition:

    i tried revolutionarys method partially becasue it used more commands and was slightly less automated,partially becasue it didnt require linux,and mostly becasue moonshine doesnt list a download for t mobile us yet.

    worked like a charm on my first try,casueing much giddy schoolgirl type giggling :D

    heres what it looks like,if anyone has the notion to try it:
    Code (Text):
    1. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="Red"]adb push revone /data/local/tmp/[/COLOR]
    2. 3272 KB/s (646704 bytes in 0.193s)
    4. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="red"]adb shell[/COLOR]
    5. shell@android:/ $ [COLOR="red"]cd /data/local/tmp[/COLOR]
    6. cd /data/local/tmp
    7. shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ [COLOR="red"]chmod 755 revone[/COLOR]
    8. chmod 755 revone
    9. shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ [COLOR="red"]su[/COLOR]
    10. su
    11. root@android:/data/local/tmp # [COLOR="red"]./revone -P[/COLOR]
    12. ./revone -P
    13. revone successful - please reboot to continue.
    14. root@android:/data/local/tmp #
    16. [COLOR="Blue"]*physically reboot phone(dont use adb reboot)[/COLOR]
    18. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="Red"]adb shell[/COLOR]
    19. shell@android:/ $ [COLOR="red"]cd /data/local/tmp[/COLOR]
    20. cd /data/local/tmp
    21. shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ [COLOR="red"]su[/COLOR]
    22. su
    23. root@android:/data/local/tmp # [COLOR="red"]./revone -s 0 -u[/COLOR]
    24. ./revone -s 0 -u
    25. revone successful.
    26. root@android:/data/local/tmp # [COLOR="red"]exit[/COLOR]
    27. exit
    28. shell@android:/data/local/tmp $ [COLOR="red"]exit[/COLOR]
    29. exit
    31. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="red"]adb reboot bootloader[/COLOR]
    33. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="red"]fastboot getvar all[/COLOR]
    34. (bootloader) version: 0.5
    35. (bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.44.0000
    36. (bootloader) version-baseband: 4A.14.3250.15
    37. (bootloader) version-cpld: None
    38. (bootloader) version-microp: None
    39. (bootloader) version-main: 1.27.531.7
    40. (bootloader) version-misc: PVT SHIP S-OFF
    41. (bootloader) serialno: HTxxxxxxxxxx
    42. (bootloader) imei: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    43. (bootloader) meid: 00000000000000
    44. (bootloader) product: m7_ul
    45. (bootloader) platform: HBOOT-8064
    46. (bootloader) modelid: PN0713000
    47. (bootloader) cidnum: T-MOB010
    48. (bootloader) battery-status: good
    49. (bootloader) battery-voltage: 4107mV
    50. (bootloader) partition-layout: Generic
    51. (bootloader) security: off [COLOR="Blue"]<-hooray![/COLOR]
    52. (bootloader) build-mode: SHIP
    53. (bootloader) boot-mode: FASTBOOT
    54. (bootloader) commitno-bootloader: dirty-60fafa5b0be2807a0ad050f62f94e0010
    55. getvar:all FAILED (unknown status code)
    56. finished. total time: 0.087s
  4. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    It took only me 2 tries then one more run to remove tampered (-t) I also did the SuperCID - fastboot oem writecid 11111111 (can always put it back to AT&T if needed)
  5. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Yeah with S-OFF now we can play more.:D

    I have never found the need to supercid myself but with the ability to change to whatever Rom I want... It's tempting.
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    be careful with superCID. there were reports of bricks with ville and evita supercid devices when folks attempted to OTA.

    having said that,i generally keep superCID because i get a kick out of running different carrier/regional RUUs. im just pretty careful with NOT allowing OTAs.

    if youre not crazy like me,and intend to flash alot of RUUs,its prolly better to stay on your carriers or developer edition newest firmware(hboot,radio,etc) with matching cid,and then just change custom roms in recovery. :)
  7. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I put it back to Stock CWS__001 for now
    I can always change it if needed
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  8. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

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  9. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

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  10. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    This only failed me the first time because I flubbed the command lines in the adb shell. Otherwise, as long as you're not afraid to work in adb shell, it didn't hurt my phone to mess it up once. Heck, this took fewer tries than the "wire" trick to S-Off my old Rezound!

    Now officially "S-Off" and not "Tampered"! :D
  11. 1080p

    1080p Well-Known Member

    Is there any real benefit to changing my CID? I don't really plan on using RUU's from other countries... etc. I always flash custom ROMs in ZIP format with a custom recovery anyway.

    I did S-Off and Un-Tampered my device.
  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Supercid is not needed for recovery rom flashing. Changing cid seems to be somewhat the rage these days,but for a situation like you described there is no benefit whatsoever.

    I could go a step further and say it could potentially prove fatal to change cid if an ota sneeks by. The situation wasn't completely understood,but there were some evita bricks wen folks with supercid tried to accept otas :eek:
  13. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    I only changed my CID to play around with other RUUs.
    I set it back to AT&T when I was done.

    Same with me otherwise... just S-OFF and removed tamper.
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  14. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    I have Changed/left mine at BS_US001 for the international icons
    ( I hate the AT&T 4G icons)

    And getting an OTA update is pretty well impossible without stock recovery (I'm not worried)
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