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[AT&T] s-off via JTAG!

  1. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    s off is here for those that truly want it.

    JTAG is a method of rebuilding a bricked phones partitions by using special equipment with the processor in a special download mode. radio secure flag can easily be turned off in this process.

    MobileTechVideos is now performing this service. granted its not for everyone,as its not free,and it does require you to send in your device.

    but for those interested:
    MobileTechVideos | Facebook

    direct link to the website:
    HTC One X S-OFF Modification Service - MobileTechVideos.COM

    i just ordered it for my t mobile one s,ill report back in a few days how the experinece went :smokingsomb:


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