[AT&T] s4 active AtT self unlock now impossible???

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  1. timfrentz

    timfrentz New Member

    I have found no posts confirming a successful self unlock of an ATT g4 running the newest jellybean. I bought an ATT s4 active from a refurb store with no way to have the previous account holder to request the unlock. ATT ONLY provides the unlock code for account owners. See details at att.com/deviceunlock

    I have only found the following theories.

    1. Reverting back to a previous OS MAY make the standard UMiT control accessible again. (Someone comment and link a "How can this be done?")

    2. Codes may b generated from a generator program obtained in torrent downloads but which program works?

    3. Obtain a code from a fellow hacker. (Anyone want to share?)

  2. timfrentz

    timfrentz New Member

    There r a few free apps claiming to generate the codes but no one has confirmed they work. Anyone have success?

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