AT&T S4 will NOT use WiFiSupport

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  1. melenalynne

    melenalynne New Member

    Have had it since late August. The past few months it connects to WiFi then drops but says it is still connected.

    I've done a few things on my own

    Reset router
    Changed settings in router
    Factory reset phone

    None of these things have helped. I had an S2 before this and NEVER EVER used half my data. I'm 6 days into my month and have used 65% as of right now.

    Neither ATT nor Samsung were any help.

    I'm really frustrated (and 6mos pregnant with my first child)

  2. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Not really much information, but is it in the settings/connections/wifi where it's showing connected or just in the status bar?
  3. melenalynne

    melenalynne New Member

    It shows connected in both places but in the settings/connections it's also constantly scanning.

    I found where AT&T pushed an update last week but it can't be done by Kies and when I tried to download it it wouldn't. So I'm hoping that has something to do with it once I can get them to push it out. We'll see anyway.

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