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AT&T S4 will NOT use WiFiSupport

  1. melenalynne

    melenalynne New Member

    Have had it since late August. The past few months it connects to WiFi then drops but says it is still connected.

    I've done a few things on my own

    Reset router
    Changed settings in router
    Factory reset phone

    None of these things have helped. I had an S2 before this and NEVER EVER used half my data. I'm 6 days into my month and have used 65% as of right now.

    Neither ATT nor Samsung were any help.

    I'm really frustrated (and 6mos pregnant with my first child)

  2. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Not really much information, but is it in the settings/connections/wifi where it's showing connected or just in the status bar?
  3. melenalynne

    melenalynne New Member

    It shows connected in both places but in the settings/connections it's also constantly scanning.

    I found where AT&T pushed an update last week but it can't be done by Kies and when I tried to download it it wouldn't. So I'm hoping that has something to do with it once I can get them to push it out. We'll see anyway.

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