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[AT&T] Safestrap Recovery v3.6x is it safe?

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  1. ebrown761

    ebrown761 Member

    hello i was wondering how do i know if my s4 i337 running firmware mf3 is encrypted or not n there for relatively safe to install safestrap?

  2. schemppjr80

    schemppjr80 Well-Known Member

    To check if ur encrypted u have to check in developer options in the setting menu. Itll b in the MORE section just above the about phone option. And I had no problems installing safestrap on my phone and still dont have any issues with it. I have run (fully booted up) a couple few roms as of now using safestrap. Just make sure any rom u choose to run is based off our mf3 and isnt above android 4.2.2 or u will get a failed message when trying to install also do not flash any rom over the stock slot no matter what as we cannot odin back to stock in case of brick yet and always make sure to read everything about the rom u want to install...
    Happy flashing
  3. phantom1999

    phantom1999 Member

    hey i rooted my mf3 s4 and installed safestrap but when i go into reboot to recovery it just reboots the phone it doesnt go into a safe strap menu. it 3.60 version.
  4. schemppjr80

    schemppjr80 Well-Known Member

    After u installed the safestrap app itself via a file manager, did u open the app and install the recovery for ur phone...if u did, look at the top of the app when opened it should say ~recovery state: installed and below that under where it says install recovery and uninstall recovery it should say ~safe system:active
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  5. phantom1999

    phantom1999 Member

    i had the wrong safestrap for mf3 i got another one from xda and then it worked. now im just looking for a good rom.
  6. schemppjr80

    schemppjr80 Well-Known Member

    I posted a link in this ( Safestrap recovery and roms that wrk with mf3 ota) thread a few down from this one with roms that work for our mf3 phones...the only roms that I have found to work so far r the ones based off the mf3 update, all the others fail upon installation ie. Any rom based off android 4.3 and any cyanogen rom base. They wont work I have tried and tried and cannot get them to install...but im running SHoStock right now and its pretty perfect imo but u may like something else like deadly venom or gravitron the google edition 4.2.2. And there r a few more but its really up to u...
    Hope I helped
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