AT&T says 'new devices and updates to existing models' will be HSUPA-ready

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    I have heard good things about windows 7 and the focus. I assume thats a "taste" thing.

    What was the draw backs of the inspire/advantages of the focus?

    I looked into the focus myself at one point. I really wanted a device that could handle BOTH flash and silverlight, with netflix and an HDMI out (refresh my memeory, does the focus handle all that) but win7 seems to be nearly as restrictive as windows. Also i just like the big screen as i do TONS of news reading....

    Id love your comparisoin having owned both.
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    to be flat honest, it was a few things that pushed me away from the Android.

    I bought the device the day it went on sale, and it was my first Android phone. Coming from the iPhone 3GS, it was nice to have that level of optimization and customization at every corner with that phone.

    I'll start with what I loved about the phone... cause what I loved, I REALLY loved.
    -Form Factor- 4.3", nice weight, good pocket feel... one of the physical phone's I've ever held.
    -Social Integration- The way that Facebook and Twitter were seamlessly woven throughout Android and HTC Sense. Awesome.

    But outside of those 2 things... there really wasn't a whole lot there.

    Now, what I hated... because what I hated, I REALLY hated.
    -Battery Life- Worst battery I have ever used on any mobile device ever. Including a laptop. My Toshiba Satellite laptop running a Core i3 with 8GB of memory lasted longer on a full charge to zero than the Inspire. Could it have been a faulty battery? Sure. Anything is possible. I did all I could to optimize the OS to run as efficient as possible while using as little resource as possible. All to no avail.
    -TOO MUCH CUSTOMIZATION!- I do believe that there is such thing as too much. And if anything, it would make for a cluttered display. I was able to balance form with function, but found it was a little cumbersome to do simple things.

    Now, yeah, WP7 is as restrictive as the iOS. But I tell ya... this is the fastest OS I've ever used on a smartphone. It's quick, snappy, responsive.

    But I still think it's too early into the WP7 life cycle to speak anything beyond that. Much like the original iPhone, there isn't much support. Now, I understand it's because Apple had the original iPhone pretty locked down.

    Microsoft has embraced the "Homebrew Community" so far on WP7. Opening up a dialog with those to put the tools into the hands of the people, while still keeping it under security.

    And to quickly answer your question, no Flash is supported, but Silverlight is on the way in the upcoming update for the OS.

    I'll report back to you in a while after I've had a good time to really root (no pun intended!) around the WP7 OS.
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    Thats a good review. Sounds like the battery killed it for you.

    I dont know if you saw my posts but i was CONVINCED there were lemon batteries out there.

    I had a phone and my girl friend had the same phone..on any given day during the first two weeks, her phone lasted 30%-%50 longer.

    Eventually though mine started doing better and they evened out. If i am doing web surfing i can kill it in 8 hours or less. Normal usage and its good for 12-15. I keep the screen down to 25% and micro-manage the wifi/data and gps settings depending on what i need and what im doing/where i am.

    It is entirely possible you got a lemon battery.

    My girlfriend liked the iphone better. As you said here are some extra steps here.
    Example..taking and sending a photo requires several more button presses than an iphone, and often times using this phone requires working your way around the os using a wild and inconsistent combination of the on screen controls, the menu button, long presses, and the back button. Coming from an iphone, it is TOTALLY NOT intuitive.

    However as a "tech-nerd" i am growing to love getting around in the OS just as much as i loved my iphone..its just requiring a learning curve. I do get where you are coming from about it feeling cumbersome to use though.

    One area we disagree is the speed..i rarely have any lag or speed issues on the inspire (and if i do..its universally in a situation where i can attribute to poor network speeds).

    Ill be on the look out for further updates!
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    One of the other things that killed Android... was a web browser.

    The stock one sucked, Dolphin HD sucked, Opera, Firefox... they all sucked.

    IE on WP7... smooth, slick, fast, responsive...

    and I forgot to mention... there also isn't a decent music player anywhere to be found.

    Zune on WP7 is absolutely perfect. Only thing you can compare it to is the iPod on iOS... and it even blows that away.
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    Good discussion. I have heard the zune wp7 thing is better than itunes as well!

    Thing with me is i have given up on managing thousands of songs, play lists, etc. I just do the pandora thing mostly. I hadnt even noticed the lack of a music player! The inspire has the built in fm radio thing wich is handy also. Sucks about the music player for A LOT of people as i used to be one of those hard core 5,000 plus play list dudes!

    I really dont have any issues with using dolphin..multile tabs and gesture rocks!

    I need to find a focus to play with. The internet experience is WHERE ITS AT for me and if its as good as you say..thats a win for the samsung (except the "no flash" part and smaller screen would be huge detractors.) Very odd though, as i said. Dolphin runs smooth for me, zoom is smooth, scrolling is smooth. one tap to line up text in mobile formate works...i can gesture "tv" on the screen and launch or "f" and get fox news, multiple tabs work great..... I do have mine set to clear all cashe and history on exit....

    Hmmm..wonder if yours was getting bogged down some where?

    I really need to find a focus to play with...
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    The 4" Super AMOLED screen is amazing. While I can tell it's smaller than the 4.3" on the Inspire, it's still plenty of real estate.

    And Zune is wayyyy better than iTunes. I just wish that Zune synced everything like iTunes does. Contacts [read below***], calenders, bookmarks, yadda yadda yadda. Maybe in a future update.


    ***I say contacts because personally, I hate keeping my contacts in the cloud. I don't want them linked to an email account online. I have all of my contacts kept on my PC in the *.contact format. I have pictures associated and what not. I wish that the Zune would sync those as well. iTunes did it perfectly in that aspect. Especially in the first sync. Some people prefer the cloud method of things... I personally don't.
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    I'm not gonna lie, I was very tempted when I was messing with a Samsung Focus in the AT&T store. The UI is just so attractive looking and felt great to interact with, the screen animations were especially impressive and the keyboard was a cinch to type on.

    I may pick up a WP7 phone in the future after I've where it's taken off to, but for now. Android.
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    I started computers when was DOS OS. Than I swithed to OS/2 and than to FreeBSD and ar work I use Unix (IBM). Why? Because all MS OSes are SUCKS!!
    And it is the same with 7.
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    Sorry you feel that way.
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    i owned the focus..yes it was a nice, great screen, good battery, good camera and awesome call and speaker quality....BUT the os is too new..doesnt have cut and paste(i now its coming)..and the list of apps suck.hardly anything..i would consider buying another w7 device in future only when the os has been updated few times and the app store has grown.
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    Samsung support sucks. If I were you, I'd buy a W7 phone from another vendor...
  14. My problem with WM7 is I have a MAC and no windowslive address so I was worried at the syncing and integration with my MAC. With Android everything is in the cloud with my gmail its easy. Would WM7 be that easy?
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    ...after having so many issues with doing a sync, back-in-the-day, with Windows phones. I just can't bring myself to even try one again. Sad really.

    I remember, watching the green sync button on my computer go round and round, to only then give me an error message!
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    The Zune software used to sync the media this time is light years ahead of old Windows Phone syncing utilities.

    Yes it is, Andrea. It syncs your contacts and mail the exact same way it does on Android, via the cloud. So, you can use your gmail account and bam, you're up and running. You can use your Gmail account to be your Windows Live ID. Simple and easy, and painless. And as far as your media goes, there is a Windows Phone 7 client for Apple.

    Give it a shot, the phone is awesome, so far. Only around 5 months, and the app store is already over 10,000. It further ahead than the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace was at the same point in time.

  17. I might check it
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    I have had a Focus since the day it was released. It is a great OS and the device is nice overall, but a bit cheap feeling. The screen is the best feature. I should admit now that I do change devices very frequently. Having said that, I have had every smartphone OS available (unless you include Bada, which I don't).

    WP7 is outstanding but immature. I need a device that allows me to wireless tether. This just isn't possible with WP7. Also, I prefer HTC devices over all others. AT&T's HTC WP7 device just plain sucks IMO. The only real choice for WP7 on AT&T is the Focus. The problem is, Samsung is terrible with software. Why is it that the only WP7 devices that had issues with the update are Samsung? Also, the Galaxy S devices have the worst Android builds I have ever used. I had a Captivate for 29 days. I tried to love the device, mostly because of the screen, but it just plain failed me several times.

    I switched to the Inspire 4G two weeks ago. I couldn't be happier. I do miss some of the features from WP7, especially the Zune stuff. However, at the end of the day, I need certain things (like wifi tethering) and WP7 just doesn't have them yet. I will most likely get another WP7 (or WP8, or whatever it's called) when the platform matures a bit, and better devices come out.

    Now, back to the thread topic, the Focus is capable of HSUPA. You can enable it using the diagnosis tool that self installs when entering a specific code into the dialer.

    You can also enable it on the Inspire by editing the build.prop in the /system folder.

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