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  1. xXSaXoNXx

    xXSaXoNXx Member

    How can I enable "Allow unknown sources" on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy? i've tried pushing updates by myself, in store and with a rep over the phone various times and have gotten nowhere to enable this function. I want to enable it for apps and sideloading with SLWM and Droid Explorer have not worked :(

  2. jc1843

    jc1843 Active Member

    Click Setting-- Apps-- Unknown Sources-! [Not Recommended]
  3. xXSaXoNXx

    xXSaXoNXx Member

    This does not work with AT&T phones though. I've been told i need to have an update pushed but that has always failed.
  4. jc1843

    jc1843 Active Member

    Works on my Galaxy S --ATT phone. Sorry -!
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    At &t galaxy s (captivate) is the only galaxy s in the series where the carrier didn't give give an option in the phone to allow installation of non marker apps to help avoid doing bad things to the phone.

    It has its good and bad.


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