[AT&T] sgh-I337 NB1 says rooted

Last Updated: 2014-07-02 17:44:48
  1. mrleroybrown

    mrleroybrown Well-Known Member

    My at&t Samsung Galaxy sgh-I337 on nb1 baseband running on 4.4.2 says it's rooted. I have super su, titanium backup, busy box but can't flash a rom, can't get safe strap to do anything once installed and don't seem to be able to get CwM or twrp recovery. Any one have any suggestions?

  2. mrleroybrown

    mrleroybrown Well-Known Member

    Cricket sounds>:;:;:;.........
  3. xisruno

    xisruno Well-Known Member

    Our bootloader is locked you can not use CW or TWRP recovery only Safestrap

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