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AT&T Shipping My New GS4?

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  1. andrewjlima

    andrewjlima New Member

    I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S4 over the phone yesterday morning. I was told by AT&T that the S4 was out of stock but when they got some they would ship me one in 1-2 business days. (Before I continue, I'm not asking because I'm impatient or desperate. I'm simply leaving for vacation this Friday and would like the phone before then.) I also got an Order Code which I entered into the designated section on AT&T.com It says the status is "Processing". Any help is greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Nevpaurion

    Nevpaurion Active Member

    Honestly if all you get is Processing and they said they were sold out I'd assume you're not getting the phone before you leave. When I ordered my S3 through them online it shipped the next day. They did use 2 day shipping though, which was nice.

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