[AT&T] stuck in a restart loop.

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  1. Zsalzer22

    Zsalzer22 New Member

    Hi guys,
    I have an HTC One m7 unlocked and rooted with TWRP The other day my phone died while i was on the phone with someone, and when i tried turning it back on after charging it some, it would turn on as normal and around 30 seconds later the screen would go black and it would restart. I went into boot loader and from there into recovery. i was going to try to restore it to a previous backup, but when trying to do so it would say the restore "failed" in red. i turned it off through the boot loader power down option. i let it get a full charge overnight and then tried to turn it back on when i woke up. now it worked it stayed on and did not restart over and over again. the next day i wasn't around a charger and my phone died. now I'm faced with the same problem again, only this time it didn't work normally after i let it get a full nights charge. can anyone tell me what this could be due to? any advice on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks!

  2. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    Sorry I don't know of a fix, but i can tell you your not the first to report such an issue after the battery going completely dead. I watch my power very closely and actually shut the phone off if it's in danger of going below 5%
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    are the phones affected by this stable in recovery and bootloader?
  4. ahwel12

    ahwel12 New Member

    hi, I have the same problem on my 801e.
    when I use the "Factory reset" it works fine.
    but after installing and restoring all the apps, it starts restarting again.
  5. wizzrahdev

    wizzrahdev Active Member

    It doesn't boot anymore? Maybe you can try flashing a ROM in TWRP. Are you able to mount the internal storage to your computer? Do you have S-OFF?
  6. wizzrahdev

    wizzrahdev Active Member

    Are you using a custom ROM or the original OS that came with it? What you can try to do is slowly install each app one by one to see which is the one causing problems.

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