AT&T sucks. Won't allow keeping unlimited data upgrading from iPhone...

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  1. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member

    This sucks :mad:.

    I was planning on dumping iPhone and get the captivate. They would not allow the unlimited plan. They said I have to keep the iPhone. Now thats a good reason to dump AT&T and go to Sprint or Verizon.

    Any ideas or work arounds so I can keep the unlimited data. Any heavy users on the $25 plan? How is that working out?


  2. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    Wait, what.

    That sounds like BS, you should be able to keep unlimited data when moving from any smartphone to smartphone.
  3. shocker

    shocker Well-Known Member

    You most definitely can keep your unlimited plan.
  4. homegeek

    homegeek Well-Known Member

    The iPhone maybe a smartphone but it has a differnet feature code. Because of this they are not able to grandfather the plan on a non iPhone.
  5. voogru

    voogru Active Member

    With the right amount of bitching anything is possible. I've been able to pull some teeth before.
  6. jsamuels

    jsamuels New Member

    I kept my unlimited plan. Just asked for it noting that I was grandfathered in. No push-back and no need to rant.
  7. nmoline

    nmoline Well-Known Member

    Same thing for me, I had no trouble switching my unlimited plan from iPhone to Captivate.
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  8. immortel

    immortel Active Member

    This is wrong, you CAN keep your unlimited data.
  9. Tobal

    Tobal Member

    I know some pretty heavy users that never went over the 2Gig, unless you Tether alot or stream alot 2Gig is alot.
  10. fizx

    fizx Active Member

    That is irrelevant.
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  11. rhonin

    rhonin Member

    If you go to AT&T's facebook page they have it posted there.;)

    If you have unlimited plan you can upgrade to any phone and keep the unlimited data.

    Android <> WM <> iPhone <> RIM <> etc.....
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  12. lunged

    lunged Member

    I purchased my Captivate from an AT&T reseller, not an official store. They also told me I couldn't keep my unlimited data. Well, I knew this wasn't true so I just went along with it and called AT&T support when I got home and they happily changed my data plan back to unlimited. It was all very easy, so don't fret.
  13. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    AT&T also said the phone would be 349 with out a contract, and look how that turned out!:eek:
  14. ThreeDog

    ThreeDog Well-Known Member

    you'll see soon enough that all the service providers are pretty much ditching their unlimited data plans very soon. not allowing new customers to take out unlimited plans and when existing plans lapse not renewing them.
  15. voogru

    voogru Active Member

    I'm starting to wonder if these are Apple trolls trying to scare people into keeping their iPhone...
  16. ThreeDog

    ThreeDog Well-Known Member

    i hope your not lumping me into that generalisation as i am in no way shape or form a apple fan. in fact i sold my iphone that i did have and bought something more useful with the cash. a new shotgun.
  17. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

    when i bought mine, rep changed my data plan to "Smartphone unlimited" which is still $30 a month. Unfortunately, the data plan doesnt work with the iPhone (which I still have an iPhone 3g for backup). So I called her back up and had her change it back to the unlimited iphone data plan, and it works on both the captivate and iphone 3g
  18. voogru

    voogru Active Member

    I wasn't looking at you, no. :)

    It's just I've seen a lot of trolls around so the BS flag gets raised quite easily.
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  19. ThreeDog

    ThreeDog Well-Known Member

    thats quite understandable.
  20. tekonus

    tekonus Well-Known Member

    I kept mine... didn't even have to argue. They in fact ASKED me if I wanted to keep it. Also, for those of you switching from an iPhone, it might be useful to know that you can insure the phone through at&t for $5 a month... covers loss, water damage, accidental damage... everything. If the phone needs to be replaced under the insurance its only $125 for a replacement. I thought this was a much better deal than $15 for iPhone insurance...
  21. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member

    Totally agree. They are Afraid people will return the piece of crap iPhone and get the captivate.:eek:
  22. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    I kept my data too - well, like another said they switched me to Smartphone personal or something like that (from BIS Personal), but same difference.
  23. rlb4

    rlb4 Well-Known Member

    It has been confirmed by many that you can keep your unlimited data plan if you go from any smart phone to any other smart phone. If a store says otherwise, they are either lying or stupid.
  24. subie41ife

    subie41ife Well-Known Member

    +1 to that. I also had no problem keeping my unlimited plan
  25. naxir

    naxir Well-Known Member

    I switched from an iphone 3gs to the captivate and kept my unlimited

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