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  1. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

    SUMMARY: If your WiFi wobbly on the Samsung Galaxy S3 with AT&T, don't return your phone before trying this update (July 12, 2012).

    PROS: Fixes constant WiFi drop-outs and iffy Internet connectivity.

    CONS: Nukes unified search (result of Apple/Samsung lawsuits).

    MY OWN STORY: Is your Wifi intermittent at best? Are you constantly finding yourself with no signal, when moments ago it might have been redlining the Speedtest needle?

    Mine was exactly as described above. It was driving me nuts, because I otherwise love this phone. But after 48 hours of shirt WiFi, i decided to return the phone if I couldn't fix it fast.

    I Googled the problem and found similar complaints among UK users. Somebody diagnosed it as a power-saving feature run amuck, and offered a fix. Unfortunately, the code he described didn't work on my AT&T version of the phone.

    More searching. FINALLY I came across an advisory that AT&T would be pushing out an early update in response to the Apple lawsuit

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  2. davemnak

    davemnak New Member

    My AT&T phone did not get updated, but I was able to solve the problem by doing the following:

    1. Open up the Galaxy S3 phone dialer
    2. Then dial *#0011#
    3. Look for the
  3. Hogan773

    Hogan773 Well-Known Member

    My wifi is a little weak at home but it doesn't seem to drop out all the time. Maybe I'll try this power saving thing and see if it makes a diff. Does that limit the power of the phone's wifi transmitter (reducing uplink connection?) Why does it affect the download link as all the phone is doing is "receiving" (listening)

    I checked for the AT&T update awhile back and it said "your phone is up to date"

    What version is the update?
  4. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

  5. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

    Android 4.04 baseband I747UCLG1 build IMM76D.I747UCALG1
  6. Hogan773

    Hogan773 Well-Known Member

    Huh. Mine is still ***I747UCALEM instead of the UCALG1 you mention.

    When I go to the "update software" in Settings it says "Server is busy, your phone is up to date, you may check again in 24 hours". I guess they only let you check once per day.

    Or is that even the way you GET the do you need to get it through a usb connection to a PC or something?

    BTW I tried the power saving thing last night and it didn't really make a lick of difference. I sat as perfectly still as I could and watched the RSSI with both Wifi Power Saving ON and OFF. It fluctuates a little all the time but it was always in the same range. I also did a Speedtest with and without and the results were basically the same.
  7. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

    1. I got my update over the air. Haven't even connected to a PC yet.

    2. My update didn't effect the Speedtest results, which were always fine -- when I could get a connection. What it helped immeasurably was the ability of my phone to stay connected. Prior to this it was losing WiFi every few minutes, which is why I think it was a WiFi problem.

    I am fascinated, by the way, to learn that everyone else can get the #0011# code to work -- except for me. I have tried it again and again with no luck...
  8. Hogan773

    Hogan773 Well-Known Member

    Did you just get it through the "Check for Software Updates" tab in Settings?

    are you typing a STAR at the start?

    on mine I do *#0011#

    As soon as you hit that last # it goes straight to service menu ie you don't hit "send" or anything on the phone.
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  9. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

    1. Yep.

    2. Aha! That did the trick and I thank you.
  10. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

    BTW, my report about local search being reinstated turned out to be overly optimistic. Looks like they're ONLY putting it back onto the international version of Galaxy S III. Still running scared in the US, and I would guess this won't change while that big case in US court grinds on. Or so says Slashgear.
  11. Hogan773

    Hogan773 Well-Known Member

    Do we really care.... I mean what does it take away.... The ability to search for apps that are already installed on the phone?
  12. kingofkats

    kingofkats Member

    I don't care deeply, but it was handy when I wanted to check if I already own an app. Just a detail that I don't miss awfully, but would please me to regain. :) And I think it's a shame that these G**d****d lawsui
    ts have put such a chill. on the development of this great new OS release. :(
  13. Hogan773

    Hogan773 Well-Known Member

    I hear you and I am so steamed at Apple for all their legal cr*p.

    Are there any POSITIVES to the AT&T update?

    BTW I still haven't even been offered my AT&T update...every time I check using the Software Update tool it basically tells me to buzz off (it says "the server is busy and you can't check again now for another 24 hours")

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