[AT&T] upgrading to 1.85 firmware

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  1. veeshmack

    veeshmack New Member

    Recently purchased a HTC One X unlocked (originally AT&T). currently waiting for it to come in, the seller sent me this message in regards to upgrading firmware.
    thoughts on whether I can/should upgrade or not?


  2. Casanunda

    Casanunda Well-Known Member

  3. veeshmack

    veeshmack New Member

    sorry if I posted in the wrong area.

    I'm not too considered with the rooting of it as I don't see myself doing anything with that capability. So if I update it wont bugger up the phone right? And it'll still hold its unlocked status?
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Welcome to AF! :) No biggie, it's no issue to move a thread

    AFAIK, you can still accept OTA updates with an unlocked bootloader. However, as the bootloader unlock method for the AT&T One XL involves messing about with hboot, I'd be careful.

    I'll have a look around, see if I can find any info for you.
  5. veeshmack

    veeshmack New Member

    Thanks I appreciate it! I'm not considered about the rooted status as I don't plan on doing anything from there, just need to keep it unlocked since its a US phone I'm using in canada

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